Never Ends

I have a confession...

Nothing major, but I have to get it off my chest.  Sometimes I get perturbed when I say something that seems to fall on deaf ears, and then moments (days or months) later someone else says the exact same thing and they receive full recognition.  It makes my skin crawl with frustration.  Yet, I generally don't say anything out of fear of being labeled as, that person.

I mention this because in my eyes it's a case and point that I'm a continuous work-in-progress.  Truth is our journeys never end; even after we pass.  I know you might be thinking... sounds exhausting.  Yet think about it this way... the sooner we learn our lessons from our moments of frustration/ guilt or otherwise; the sooner we can be released to becoming our higher selves and be directed even faster to our ultimate destiny.  

For instance, I am discerning from this situation that I must speak up for myself and make sure that my voice is heard in these moments of absent-recognition.  It is not ego that leads me to desire acknowledgment... it is HIS word!  And as long as I allow HIM to lead my actions and words; there is no greater reason that I can imagine for me to be heard.

So from this moment, I vow to speak up and speak strong as HE commands.  I will not accept the role of invisible woman just because it has long been a place of comfort.  I recognize that sometimes we need to step away from our comfort zones in order to flourish and live as HE intends.

Well, that is just one of my truths.  What is yours?  (Think about it)

Always remember, this journey is not about simplicity it's about longevity, positivity and truth... it therefore Never Ends.

*Peace and Blessings*


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