Release II

Of late I have been experiencing things in a way that I never knew possible.  My clarity of discernment and courage have been grounded in/by HIS grace.  I am accepting change in a positive way, and in turn I'm being graced with freedom from the burden of self doubt. 

The true beauty behind these changes is that I am learning to accept that I have the right to receive the best.  This may seem like an obvious lesson to those that have been blessed with a strong sense of self confidence; alas, this is one of my areas of opportunity.
Thing is, although we may feel that we deserve righteous things in our lives... Sometimes it is our very own actions call to the other.  We alone are what stands in the way of our individual blessings. 

Think about it...
Have you ever remained in a relationship long after you saw the writing on the wall saying that it was not for you?  This isn't to say that you should adopt the cut-and-run method into your life; but if it's unhealthy... You must Release it so that you can find that which is truly meant for you.  Again I must remind that I'm not suggesting this within the sanctity of marriage (with the exception of danger), as this is a blessed union and should be held as such.  I'm speaking to any relationship that is built on self sustainment and choice. 

In many circumstances it is not HIS desire for us to plant roots where we have so chosen.  Yet our human nature does not afford us the courage to uproot and step out on faith into the unknown.  We must accept the possibility of being alone or temporarily uncomfortable; as this is generally when we are able to see the greater picture within our own lives. 

Apologies.. I digress again.

All of this to say... When you are given the proverbial red flags.  When you have given of yourself only to feel/be treated like a doormat.  When you are oppressed by the negativity of those you so choose to associate.  When you accept being an alternate, although they remain elevated as your first choice.  When things are so one sided that you can no longer stand without assistance... You may need to take a moment to reflect on if you need to release yourself to receiving your truth. 
Life isn't about throwing in the towel when things get difficult... But it also isn't about making yourself a martyr to the superficial. 

Today and forward I choose to accept and hold close that which HE blesses into my life.  I will not grasp on to that which I deem to be for me just out of convenience and familiarity...



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