Rise Above

~Rise Above~

Here is what I know… In life there will always be something or someone that tries to keep you or pull you into a dark place.  It’s not because that person or thing is evil (in most cases); it’s simply because they don’t know any better.  Think about it… we do what we know.

So in these situations that arise, and trust me, there will be many; you must stay strong and steady in order to rise above anything that tries to weigh you down.  This isn't saying that you are better than anyone or anything; it simply means that you choose to exist on a higher plane.  A plane that exists on the road to happiness.  This isn't even an exclusive plane, yet it only exists for those that choose to travel down this road to happiness. 

For instance, today has been very, very trying so far.  My youngest decided to wake-up way earlier than usual, which led her (and me) to be cranky campers… then she decided to fight with all of her being against her sleep…. Then my oldest decided to not eat her breakfast (which I didn't realize until it rolled on the floor by my feet)… Then my phone and computer decided they wanted to boycott against the internet and all messaging services.  And now?... my youngest, who has been screaming since she woke-up pops out of her room (and bed) as if nothing happened just to wreck havoc on all that I've attempted to clean. 

Asking yourself, what this has to do with anything? Well, let me tell you.
It’s trying mornings and moments like these that force me to go one of three directions.  
  1. I can freeze and become zombie-like in my response to all things around me; in efforts of shutting everything out.  
  2. I can get angry and start dishing out a little tough love.  
  3. Or I can try to address the issues in as calm a manner as the moment will allow and try to get to the bottom of things and in essence, Rise Above the negativity of the moment.

Do I always succeed at rising above? Psht, No!  I am a mother… not a saint.  (Even though at times I feel the two are synonymous).  However, I do my very best and being that I am a mere human, I suppose that’s the best that any of us can do.  Yes, I feel frustrated and irritated by my lack of control in moments such as these… yet I choose not to let this/these moments dictate all of the subsequent moments of my day.  I keep a short memory vault and I keep pushing forward.

So today and moving forward… I will make the best of each moment because they will never happen twice.  I will do my best to rise above and not allow the enemy to drag me into a dark place of stagnation, anger or resentment.

In your next moment of tribulation… how will you choose to address it? 

*Peace and Blessings*


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