Thank You!

As I began this journey, I never imagined that even one other person (besides my husband) would be interested in the stories and lessons that I pick-up along the way.  So it is with a very humble heart that I thank each and every one of you that take the time to stop on this page, let alone read my messages.  This is an on-going journey that I intend to continue as long as HE will allow.  If I can affect even one person in a positive light, my blessing will be fulfilled through you.  

I know that times are difficult and we all stand from different view points, however the true reality is that we are ONE.  The sooner we can grasp this concept with an open heart and mind, the sooner we can start existing for a more positive today and tomorrow.

Remember, we may not be able to change those around us; but the best change comes from within.  Make your light so bright that it can't help but illuminate your neighbors without needing to say a word.  

We CAN be each other's motivation.


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