Have you ever heard the saying, "... and the Truth shall set you free"?  Well I recently had an opportunity to set myself free from certain restraints that I had placed upon myself.  It is a fact that lies through omission are still lies.  And right now, I am choosing to try something different.  I choose to release all that could potentially serve as a weight on my soul.

Today and moving forward, I must say that which causes me angst and in turn forever cast it away from my being.  In order to press forward on this journey, I cannot continue to repeat the same behaviors that have previously served to stifle my existence and growth.  I must instead change my approach and truly let go.

I was just told today that I must work on my self confidence in a major way, in order to propel myself further towards my destiny.  So although the growing pains are not pleasant... they will in fact lead to the necessary growth that come in hand with what HE has planned on my life.

There is a destiny... one that I wish to fulfill.  In order to do so, I must take steps to rid myself of any/all self-doubt.


This is what I know... people will always reveal their true self if given opportunity.
I thank HIM for allowing me to see what I might have otherwise ignored.
I will smile through the tests and carry on, because the more the enemy tries to break me... the more I know I'm on the right path. TYJ!!!


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