Gravity is on my Side

So it's been about a week of me feeling, erm.... sub-par. I've been back in the struggles of insecurities and wanting to toss every mirror out of my house. To say I've been feeling like an insecure drama-queen starved for attention is an understatement! However, I took this downward spiral time to reach out and up for the help I was so desperately in need of. Of course this came on the tail-end of a barrage of what seemed to be constant personal loses and digs at my confidence. Not sure what I'm referring to?.... Let me fill you in.

I often get in my own head, hearing suggestions of my inadequacies. For instance, a project that I had been working on shown a snag in the fabric (metaphorically speaking of course); and instead of picking up a needle and thread to mend the snag, I found myself pulling at the loose thread and creating a tear. 

--Still with me?--

You see, I kept feeling as if something, some unseen force, if you will, was exerting itself on me in such a negative way. The more I thought about how things were working against, the more things worked against me! I was looking in the mirror and thinking, "Ugh, you're fat and ugly!"... Lol, theeeennnnn I got a new pimple and gained a pound! The interesting thing is that I was bringing all this pain and hurt on myself. There were no fingers to be pointed, except straight at me. The more I wanted to lash out and blame my pain on another, the more I realized that I was not only giving away my power, but I was projecting my own disappointment and expectations onto another. Then once I woke-up from my dark self-fulfilling prophecy I decided to start shifting my focus onto the good shit. And guess what happened?!... That good shit multiplied! (lol, guess I probably shouldn't use the word, "shit" when referring to something good; but you get my drift.)

Bottom line is this:
When I am in the midst of what I perceive to be great set-backs, I must realize that I am being positioned for a great triumph. After all, just as with a slingshot... the farther back an object is pulled; the greater the distance it is able to travel. Sooooooo, if shifting your focus doesn't help; accept the notion that this too shall pass. For it is in the times of great tribulation that we are elevated to receive our greatest triumphs. 

Are you ready to turn this test into your testimony?

 *Peace and Blessings!*

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