You ever find yourself in a place so low that you don't know how to raise your eyes from the floor, let alone your person? Felt so low that you didn't know how you could/ would face another day?

I've been there too. Gloom and despair would consume my existence and the more I thought about the darkness, seemed like the greater it would become. But you know something? All it took was a small spark to bring clarity to that darkness. The smallest flicker in the form of hope that entered my heart and transformed my views. Look, I've been a cynical/ grumpy broad for most of my life, so the concept of change towards something that was positive was so far from my mind; that it existed in a galaxy outside of myself. I suppose that's why I'm so grateful to be inside and a part of that same galaxy that I formerly thought was light years away. 

It's been nearly two years since my life was rocked by the deepest pain I had ever experienced. Want to know something else?.... That pain wasn't even from me! I was feeling the pain of another; seeing it, experiencing it as if it were my own. I didn't understand. How could I know things that I had never seen? How could I feel someone else's pain in such an intense way?

The answer is simple... Connection... We are ALL connected.

This has been an intense journey for me, just as I know it has been for you. But the truth is we are all in this together. These might be my moments, but there never ceases to be that invisible thread that connects even the smallest of detail to the life of another; and so on...

I've had the low moments that I mentioned earlier, and to be honest; I still experience them from time-to-time. In those moments, I seek guidance. Sometimes that just means I need to take a moment to truly breathe, step outside of my perception of 'the situation' and wait for answers/calm to come from within myself. And in other times, that guidance from something as awesome as a sign I see, or a simple word uttered by the most unsuspecting of sources. 

Bottom line is this:
We've all been to different ranges of the same points on the map of life. We are all connected. We all have moments when we need to be reminded of our true strength and I'm doing my very best to remind you of yours! 

You are strong even when you feel weak!
You matter!
You are me, just as I am you!
Believe that you are a beautiful reflection, because you already are!

*Peace and Blessings*

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