These Are The Breaks!...

Once again, I've been on break from most things, "Marisa Moments". It has not necessarily been on purpose, but I've found that when the Universe wants me to step back from something... there is NOTHING that can create the space needed to contradict it. For instance, I've wanted to write, post and give more readings; but there's something in me that won't allow it. I still have my visions every day, and have even noticed my intuition being sharpened, yet I just can't seem to find the time or internal space to simply get-to-work. It's hella frustrating, but also reassuring in a, "I know my time is coming" type of way.


What have I been up to during this break, you ask?

  • Gym Life!
    I wouldn't believe it myself if it weren't actually me doing it! I've been working out like I'm getting paid for it! I think I'm finally putting into motion the notion [that rhymed.. lol... I'm a rhyme master. Sorry, I digressed] of, "if you aren't happy with where you are... Don't just complain about it; do something about it!" I have a goal in mind and I'm determined to remain focused to make it happen and then some.
    Remember: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over-and-over again while expecting different results.

  • Errand Master! When it comes to balancing a calendar and making sure that shit gets done... Look no further! I have always LOVED organization (true story). Whether it be making a list, updating a calendar or simply organizing a space... I LOVE IT! It actually calms me. [Most likely because I'm a control freak, but whatev's.] Yes, I might complain every now and again about being so busy, but the truth is; I love every minute even when I'm exhausted beyond measure. It helps counterbalance my severe anxiety.
    Remember: Do what you love. Put energy into that which feeds your soul; no matter what that looks like for you. 

  • Comic Relief! People go through shit every single day... That's life, folks! What does this have to do with me, you ask? Well, when people come to me, although I am just being myself, I've found that I help bring laughs and smiles to the faces of those that might typically be in tears. Tears of sadness, tears of overwhelm, tears of depression, tears of confusion... We've ALL been there.
    Remember: Even when you think you have nothing to offer... you do. 

Of course I've been up to more than three bullets, but my ADD is kicking in and I'm over typing, sooooooo...... That's all (for now) folks! However, I'll leave you with this:

Progress is progress. When you think you aren't moving forward, take a moment to look around; if you're right and there is NO progress... do something about it! As long as you are moving forward, the distance doesn't matter. ♥ 



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