Darkness... The Other Side of the Coin

Darkness has tried to claim me since i met this world. Always feeling it's dull breath over my shoulder; whispering to encourage self doubt. It's a daily struggle.

Don't get me wrong; I've been given the strength to always triumph over these demons that wish nothing more than to crush my soul's light. However, that doesn't lessen the intensity of the struggle. I've even gone years without a single glimpse of this angel of darkness, but I've also gone years without feeling the warmth that pure light brings to any soul.

Where am i now?

Well, I'm in the middle of the struggle once more. Interesting part is, you would never know if i didn't tell you. I'm very gifted in pushing the darkness down into the hollow within. I cap it off with the lump in my throat and disguise the gloom with witty jokes and comedic deflection.

This is where I am...

GOD only knows where I'm going.



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