Road to Recovery

I'll share my full story one day soon... "they" say the more you talk about it, the easier it is to heal and move on. I have great moments and I have terrible moments, none of which outweigh the other. I recognize my blessings and the magnitude of the miracle behind my babies being born early, yet completely strong and healthy. I remain in awe of the grace of God that allowed me to continue on this Earth.

Why do we not address things that we find difficult? Why is there such stigma behind revealing the dings in our armor? Strength comes from sitting in moments of weakness and deciding to carry on, even when your soul screams for rest.

I would've never imagined my life, my story to take such a turn... I'm honestly still sorting through the emotional baggage I've been handed behind the enormity of knowing, had one small thing gone differently... I would be dead.

There is guilt in feeling depressed despite the fact of having everything to be happy about. Traumatic events are just that; traumatic. No one said it would be easy... but it is possible.

This isn't about likes, shine, sympathy or other... this is my healing. 💖



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